Amalia Pereira | Caracas 1972

Central University of Venezuela · Faculty of Fine Arts | IDC · Graphic Design Mention | University of the Basque Country · Degree in Creation and Design

My collages are possibly the richest layered treatment I have ever chosen. I constantly repeat to myself "A woman creating is a woman healing."

Literature and music are creative inspiration and pieces of my collage. It could be said that it is the beautiful going out in search of the beautiful. And here I speak both of the aesthetic and of the attitude: my collages speak of flowery pillars, women who ensure that life does not extinguish: friends, mothers, lovers and lovers, capable of turning the everyday into fables or of taking that everyday life between jaws and bite into it until it stops shaking turbulently. And it is that even in the hardest learning, beauty is always whispering next to us.

I have an emotional dialogue with nature: an act of catharsis that renews me. Hence my color gamut: powerful contrasts between the trees of the tropics and the warm gamut of northern Europe. The birds are the emissaries of my messages across the sea that divided my life.

The cosmos and the scientific world are another dense food in continuous absorption: one of the most beautiful forms of nutrition received from my mother.

Life is a long journey, impossible to travel without the awareness that we are a miracle of oxygen, sulfur, sunlight and cells that meet to create scenarios in constant transition.

The early encounter with photography makes me privilege framing, weights and perspective. With them as a tool, my senses keep without touching everything beautiful that comes to my hands. For more than a decade, this accumulation has been the sensory exercise that keeps my brain plasticity in shape.

My influences

The Baroque: a fixation from which I cannot get rid: that delicious accumulation of forms, the ornamental excesses, that unnatural lighting, are the amalgamation of experiences, the layers of the whole. Without any exclusions, the Italian painters of the Quattrocento are beautiful sap spilling before my eyes. In photography, I have a huge list of inspirers: for example, Robert and Shana Parke Harrison, who could compete in elegance with Rodney Smith: Or Richard Avedon, or Irving Pen, from whom I try to get the mathematical and golden roots without getting close .

Individual exhibitions


2018 Return | Seven cubed | Los Galpones Art Center - Caracas - Venezuela

2016 Lembrazas of my Remembrance | Visol Gallery | Ourense - Spain

2016 Resignify | Zarátamo City Council | Bizkaia

2014 Zaw Bilbao Flight lyrics presentation + Collage | Bilbao - Spain

2014 Summon / Row / Abide | Tobe Gallery | Budapest, Hungary

Collective exhibitions

2017 Яèsistance at TOBE Gallery | Budapest, Hungary

2017 National Fair of Artists CULTUR3 CLUB | Revillagigedo Palace | Gijón - Spain

2016 Esperanza: Amalia Pereira & Adrián Villeta - Donostiartean International Art Fair-Kursaal Congress Center | San Sebastian - Donosti

2016 Collective: BLU - Pegazus | Szentbékkálla, Veszprém, Hungary

2016 National Fair of Artists CULTUR3 CLUB | Revillagigedo Palace Gijón - Spain

2016 Collective: 1/1 | Tobe Gallery | Budapest, Hungary

2016 Art Market Opitz | Tobe Galery | Budapest, Hungary

2015 Secret Garden | 8th Ördögkatlan Festival in Hárságyi Pince - Hárságyi Pince | Hungary

2015 Blu | Collective: BLU - Amalia Pereira • Claudia Kraus • Carla Tabora • Gáspár Riskó • Ricardo Parra • Tomas Budapest - Hungary

Collective 2015 : A meeting in the street | Zaw Bilbao

2015 ALMOST black & White | Tobe Gallery | Budapest, Hungary

2014 Topics Girls Club | Curators: Amalia Caputo & Marina Font |

Fort Lauderdale - USA

2013 Collective Pixels GBG ARTS Gabriela Benaim | Caracas Venezuela